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A Brief History of the Newfoundland Dog

The Newfoundland is a large, working dog that can come in black, brown, grey or white and black. They were once part of the Dominion of Canada before confederation, and Landseer colour dogs were considered to be ‘proper members of the breed’. Today, this dog is a well-loved companion that has a variety of jobs. This breed is a great family pet.

Fisherman in Canada

The first known Newfoundland was developed as a working dog for fisherman in Canada. The dogs were well-suited for working on ships, and they specialized in dramatic rescues. Their partially webbed feet make them adept at swimming and can pull a drowning man to shore. Over time, Newfoundlands were exported to England for breeding, but the majority of Newfoundlands are descendants of dogs born in the UK.

First school

The first school was funded by the Church of England missionary society in Bonavista, and the missionaries later opened schools in other larger outports. Children of all faiths and backgrounds were welcome at these schools. In 1823, the Newfoundland School Society was formed with the goal of educating the people of Newfoundland and returning to responsible government. The confederates, led by Joseph R. Smallwood, won by a slim margin of 52-48.

Large dog

The Newfoundland is a large dog with big bones. A dog over 100 pounds requires room to move around and have their own beds. It also needs a cool place to hang out in hot weather. Regardless of size, this breed is a good companion for people who like adventure. If you are looking for a companion for your home, consider a Newfoundland. You can learn more about this great breed from these books.

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