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A Dog is a Bond Between Strangers

Having a dog is like forming a deep bond with a person you’ve never met. This kind of relationship is surprisingly common in modern society and can happen in any place. Many people are fascinated by dogs and the bonds they form with their owners. Even if you’re a complete stranger, your new best friend may quickly become your best friend. So how can you make this bond last?

One of the easiest ways to bond with your dog is to take it to new places. In fact, 70 percent of dogs show signs that they prefer meeting new people. The good news is that most loving dogs are comfortable with strangers and can begin showing signs of attraction after just 10 minutes. It’s important to understand that this behavior is not a sign of disloyalty and that the bond formed between your dog and the person visiting your home is completely natural and not triggered by any particular reason.

In Conclusion

In this study, the authors of the study brought dogs into two different locations and compared how the dogs react to each other. They found that dogs that had a more familiar environment were more likely to seek attention from guests and were less reactive to strangers. This suggests that a dog needs its owner to provide assurance when it is in a new environment. The authors concluded that the human-dog bond is unique.

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