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Your furry little friend is likely considered a close and important member of your family. This also means that you are responsible for their health and wellbeing.

Part of this responsibility is to ensure that you get them the best healthcare possible. One way to do this is by finding the best pet insurance plan for their unique needs.

As part of the pet insurance cost, you will be able to get reimbursed for a variety of medical bills and have peace of mind that you can get the support for your pet that they need when it comes to unexpected accidents and illnesses. 

The extent of your policy plan will end up dictating how much financial support you will get. So it is also important to remember that the cheaper your policy plan is, the less coverage you will likely have access to. 

It is equally important to remember that the variety of plans will be priced according to your pet’s age, breed, medical history, and even the location of where you live. There are also some plans that let you also get routine care coverage support as well, but tend to be an additional add-on. 

So where to start when it comes to finding affordable pet insurance? We have rounded up the top tips to follow so that you can sign yourself up for a plan that you are confident in. 

Tip One: Understand the Eligibility Requirements

First, you will want to understand what the eligibility requirements are when it comes to various insurance providers. There is usually a minimum age for both dogs and cats and sometimes older pets won’t be covered by specific providers.

Do not stress though. There are so many different insurance providers out there that you will find one that will gladly sign you and your pet up. And once you find the right provider and enroll your pet, you can likely sign up to get lifelong coverage.

Tip Two: Decide on the Type of Coverage

Not only do you want to sign up for long-term coverage for the best value, but you will equally want to sign up for pet insurance that gives you and your pet the type of coverage you are really after. This means that it is ultimately up to you to determine how much coverage you want versus how much you want to pay out of pocket. 

Even if you do have a healthy pet, it is equally important to remember that the unexpected can always happen to anyone. And that includes even the healthiest of pets getting into an accident or getting sick. So, make sure that you have coverage that protects you financially and your pet medically. 

Tip Three: Figure Out Reimbursements Versus Deductibles

Just like human health care, pet insurance will have plans that let you get reimbursed or that you pay a deductible upfront. Generally, when it comes to reimbursement, the best plans are the ones that cover at least 70%-80%. 

Also, the majority of the plans will equally have a deductible, which means you will need to pay a portion upfront before the insurance provider pays for the rest. In general, the lower the costs are for what you will pay out of pocket means that you will equally end up paying for a higher premium rate.

Tip Four: Know the Waiting Periods

This one is super important to be mindful of. Each insurance provider will have a different allotted waiting period, meaning you have to wait a certain amount of time after signing up before the coverage actually kicks in. This is generally why it is always a good idea to sign your pet up sooner rather than later so that they get the coverage when they really do need it. 

Tip Five: Assess the Extra Add Ons

Generally, there is the opportunity to have add-ons when it comes to your insurance costs. This means that you can sign up to get extra support when it comes to the costs of routine checkups, vaccines, therapy, and more. Often, paying a little bit extra for these add-ons can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Especially if that means you can take a proactive approach and catch any developing injuries or illnesses before they get worse—and more costly! 

Tip Six: Compare Providers

Just like the unique needs of your pets, each insurance provider will offer something a bit different. This is why you should shop around and get a variety of quotes. That way you can weigh up the options and figure out which ones will give you the best coverage and ensure that it truly is affordable and within your budget.


You will want to make sure that you sign your pet up for the best, and most affordable pet insurance. With these tips, you easily can!

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