Botulinum toxin in cosmetic surgery

When knowing the mechanism of action of cosmetic surgery using this drug I would like to sum up the effects of this drug simply into a large topic that is definitely effective and explains the work clearly. There are three things:

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  1. Helps to reduce wrinkles on the face in various areas, including correction. sagging of different parts
  2. Help reduce the size of the muscles that are too beautiful.
  3. Helps to reduce excessive sweating in different parts of the body, so if there are Advertisements soliciting injections of botulinum toxin to treat matters other than these three topics. must think hard about what mechanism will actually work And clearly explain whether it really works or not. So that you won’t regret that the payment didn’t work. or use unworthy results

Examples of the effects of this drug are available. The split subtly follows thiti Hondon tommmmondlies inevitably on the face.

As mentioned in the beginning, Botulinum toxin enters the disease for the first time. From the side effects, doctors have noticed that Rajchanokala after injection to treat spasms around the eyes has therefore been adapted by virtue of the effect of relaxing the injected muscles. resulting in skin The agglomeration in the area disappears and is clearly smoothed if the doctor can match the muscles correctly. And knowing the appropriate injection method will affect the shape of various parts.

Key areas on the face with unwanted wrinkles that we like to inject. The same thing in the present, namely wrinkling, waking up in the corners of both eyes, wrinkles between eyebrows Wrinkles in the middle of the forehead, etc. These marks are the wrinkles shown. old age That people do not wish to appear on the face, but in people with moderate skin tension These wrinkles are usually not so deep that they become. It is a permanent trench in that area. The use of botulinum toxin (Botulinum toxin) injected into the muscle that is the cause of those folds will make the wrinkles fade away.

It can be seen that the benefits of botulinum toxin injection are correct in both quantity and location. Able to restore smoothness to the facial skin, reduce wrinkles as well. And within a week after the injection, there will be no crow’s feet, bow-tied eyebrows, and the forehead will be smooth without any annoying wrinkles. able to smile and laugh fully While the effect of the drug lasts In general, the recovery of the muscles will take about 3-6 months depending on the size of the muscle. and use of Each muscle, if you smile well or frown all the time I will be able to recover quickly.

Botulinum Toxin injections require expertise. and knowledge that is somewhat more accurate than usual Because if injected in the wrong position, wrong size, it may cause problems with droopy eyebrows, hanging neck, or crooked corners of the mouth. Called sometimes injections at some points but got some free gifts back which may be both good or perhaps It can be a bad result. When asking the doctor to inject different parts, you need to be careful. that it must be done by a physician with real expertise

  1. Use of Botulinum toxin to adjust facial contours in certain areas. It’s hard to deny that nowadays people have a slender face. The type that people call V-shape is a face shape that is becoming popular nowadays. which may be influenced by the series Korea where almost all celebrities have the same slender face. Even though the real Korean people will have a square face, Cheekbones are wide, square.

The squared lower face There are two important parts involved, namely the large jawbone. and the jaw muscles are thicker than usual, but the cause of the large muscles may be hereditary Characteristics of race or caused by the habit of chewing hard sticky things on a regular basis. Food such as meat that is difficult to chew, grilled squid or chewing gum, etc. Solving the problem of a square face or having large and thick jaw muscles can be done by Surgery is to sharpen the jaw bone. Especially if the cause is caused by the big bone, including the use of Botulinum toxin leaves to help treat if there is a cause. from the jaw muscles

First of all, the mechanism of reducing muscle size by Botulinum toxin must be explained first, why when injected it can reduce the The thickness of these muscles

  If you observe carefully, you will find that The muscles of the body, if used very hard, how much will the muscles automatically adjust to grow bigger, such as bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, athletes will see large muscles in general. When the muscles are not being used, such as in patients who have had an accident Is a bedridden patient or a patient who has had an accident Having to follow the bones with taro for a month. When the taro is removed, it will be found that the muscle size is noticeably smaller.

  People with enlarged jaw muscles If you stop using it, you don’t have to chew rice or I gritted my teeth for two months. The muscles will droop and the face will sag back, of course, but in reality we cannot do that. Because we have to eat and chew all the time Botulinum toxin (Botulinum toxin) is therefore used at this point effectively due to this injection into the jaw muscle. In a position that bulges, bulges, which causes a square face will cause the muscles to stop working at specific points without affecting the crunching Because there are still muscles and other muscles are still working. when enough time has passed muscles If you want it, it will kick itself down automatically. because it cannot move itself

It can be seen that by a simple mechanism that acts on the muscles. able to reduce The overall size of the face can be obtained by injection to reduce the angle of the jaw. When the drug is fully effective will get a V-shape face as intended

  However, the injection to reduce the jaw angle There are parts to be aware of as well. Injection of botulinum toxin (Botulinum toxin) at any other site is precise and the right amount of drug is injected. because the use of the drug may not be equal in each person and the injection method needs to be injected into the right muscle, not into other muscles. Especially the muscles used to chew or open the mouth. If injected too deeply or too high, it may cause weakness of the chewing muscles, but the drug will only have a temporary effect. Just wait for the time for the drug to wear off, the condition will eventually return to normal.

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