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Dogs Are Not Our Whole Life

Many people have a love affair with dogs, and it is no wonder: they make us feel so happy. Some people spend entire social media accounts just for their beloved pets. Other people have hashtags for their favorite breeds, and they can take up their whole day scanning and liking posts. But while dogs make us happy, they are not our whole lives. They require a large amount of time and effort to maintain, and they rely on their owners for everything.

Some of the most famous dog lovers were the writers of books and movies. Some of them were historical fiction writers. For instance, Sir Walter Scott wrote his memoirs as a young boy and often had his dogs in his portraits. The author once missed a meeting and had to rush home, laying down with Skip on the lawn and writing in his garden. It made him miss his meeting that much that he was later able to finish his work.

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In Last

The great writer Sir Walter Scott also loved dogs. He often depicted them in his novels and paintings. Despite the fact that his dogs were not his entire life, they did make his life better. His famous dog, Skip, was a loyal companion, and the two had an inseparable bond. The book was so good that the author had to turn it into a movie, and even had it made into a hit!   Visit here: liangzhongmiye

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