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Dogs Laugh But They Laugh With Their Tails

Dogs laugh with their tails, but why? It’s a good question. When you watch a dog, the first thing that you notice is its tail. You may have thought that it would be awkward to laugh with a tail, but it’s not at all. A dog’s tail is so long that it’s hard to make it stand up straight. That’s because they have to bend over and bring it forward. But a man’s tail is at the right end of their laughter.

Humans can mimic the sound of dogs laughing, though they must be careful to monitor their mouth shape. A hhuh sound is produced by panting and is similar to human laughter. A “ha ha” sound is made with a voice. A dog laughs with an open-mouthed smile, creating a “hhuh-hhah” sound. Using a mouth that is wide and smooth, you can imitate this utterance and delight your canine friend.

In Last

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