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Facts About the Labrador Dog

A Labrador is a British breed of Retriever gun dog. The breed was developed in the United Kingdom from fishing dogs brought from the independent colony of Newfoundland. It was named for the Labrador region in Newfoundland. This dog is very good with water and is a great hunting dog. It is considered a working dog. It is very intelligent and obedient. Here are a few facts about the Labrador:

Aboriginal population

A Labrador’s name derived from the fact that it has an aboriginal population. The dog is the least populous in Canada, but has a large Aboriginal population. It was once a riding that encompassed parts of Newfoundland. However, the province split Labrador into four separate electoral districts. In addition to this, the northern Inuit self-government region Nunatsiavut has its own electoral district.

Expressive and brown or hazel

A Labrador’s head should be broad and have a stop. Its eyes should be expressive and brown or hazel with black eye lining. The ears should be set slightly above the eyes. The body should be long and smooth with a high brow. If you have a young child, you should consider adopting a Labrador. A dog will need lots of attention and love, so make sure to choose one that suits your lifestyle.

Hunting companion

A Labrador can be a great hunting companion, and is a popular dog breed in many areas of the world. This lovable and loyal dog will be an excellent addition to your family. It can handle the heat of the summer months without aggression and will be friendly around children and strangers. It can be found in three different colors. The pale yellow Labrador Retriever is very calm and patient. The black and chocolate Labrador Retriever are more aggressive and noisy.

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