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Home is Where the Dogs Run to Greet You Photo Canvas

There’s nothing more reassuring than walking into your home to be greeted with a warm, happy face from your dog. And what’s more, it is a sentimental gift that will make any dog lover smile. The Home is where the dogs run to greet you photo canvas is a great way to show your dog’s love. It’s ideal for living room or bedroom walls, and makes a lovely housewarming gift.

To train

To train your dog to run to the door, use a tug toy. Have a friend knock on the door, or ring the doorbell. Have your dog greet you by playing the tug-of-war with the tug-of-war toy. Then, slowly open the door and give your dog praise every time he responds with a “Ok.” If your dog isn’t interested in the game, it’s okay to let a family member keep it there for awhile.


Once you’ve successfully trained your dog to respond to the doorbell, you can practice letting him greet you with a tug-of-war. Get a friend to knock on the door or ring the doorbell, and then engage your dog in a game of tug-of-war. As he runs to the door, you should open the door slowly, and praise your dog whenever he stays in the “Place”.

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