How Do You Choose A GPS Collar For Your Dog?

The GPS Collar is the perfect answer to keep an eye on your dog, whether he regularly runs away or gets lost. There is a wide variety of GPS dog collars, with prices varying widely.

Our advice is to choose a collar suitable for the size of your dog and your needs.

What Are GPS Dog Collars Used For?

Some dogs have the unfortunate habit of running away, either because they are easily stressed or frightened, or simply because they like an adventure.

Also, when you go on vacation with your dog and walk him off leash, you may fear that they will go too far and not find their way home.

The GPS Collar allows you to know in real-time the position of the animal that is wearing it so that you can easily find it, wherever it is!

Choosing the Right GPS Collar

Different Generations of GPS Collars

The first dog tracking collars worked using the radio coordinates of the device. Very fast and accurate, they have been used by hunters lawyersmagazine for a long time. However, they are limited in scope.

Newer GPS collars provide access to the animal’s location on an electronic device through mobile phone networks.

They have a much longer range but can be less accurate and slower, especially in areas with poor network coverage, such as dense forests or cloudy weather.

A more or less sophisticated GPS collar

The most basic GPS collars will simply allow you to pinpoint your dog’s location on a map, for example on a smartphone. Other more elaborate devices allow you to set up a virtual authorized area for your animal.

When you cross the limits of this zone, you receive an automatic alert.

Finally, even more, sophisticated devices provide additional information about your dog’s behavior: for example, they indicate the distance traveled by the animal, its speed of movement, the number of steps taken, or even the number of calories burned.

A collar with GPS adapted to the size of your dog

If GPS collars are miniaturized thanks to increasingly advanced technologies, they are still relatively heavy objects: for some models, the cover attached to the dog collar can weigh several tens of grams.

This makes it easier lawyerdesk to find a suitable collar for a large dog. Before you buy one of these devices, make sure a seller isn’t too bulky or too big for your pet.

Battery: pay attention to the autonomy of GPS collars

Another factor to consider when buying a dog collar is battery life, which can vary greatly from model to model. Thus, some collars must be recharged after 24 hours, while others have autonomy of several days.

The batteries in collars that use a radio transmitter generally last longer than those in GPS collars, although the latter change quickly. This criterion is particularly important if you want to monitor your dog at all times!

What Is The Price Of A Dog Collar with GPS?

While there are affordable models out there, buying a tractive GPS dog tracker collar can be quite expensive! You can find simple necklaces for about fifty euros. On the other hand, devices with more features can cost several hundred dollars.

Collars with radio transmitters are much more expensive to purchase than GPS collars connected to a smartphone

However, these involve costs for the transmission of GPS coordinates. laws4life If you opt for this solution, you will have to take out a monthly subscription for about $5 per month depending on the contract length.

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