If you’re looking to buy a purebred dog, it’s important to know how to avoid a backyard breeder. These are people who breed dogs without regard for health or temperament and often sell their puppies through classified ads or on Craigslist.

A reputable breeder will have purebred dogs that are healthy, well-socialized and bred from parents who have been tested for genetic diseases. The dogs are raised in clean, spacious kennels that allow them to run around freely and interact with people and other dogs. The breeder should be able to provide you with the names of previous owners for references and be willing to take back any puppy that does not work out in your home (although this is rare).

Ask friends who have had pets what breeders they recommend. You can also check out local dog shows, which sometimes feature breeders’ booths where they can tell you more about their dogs’ health history and temperament. If you’ve found an ad online that seems suspicious, search Google Maps for the address of the seller; if it appears to be within an urban area or industrial park.

If you’re looking for a new puppy, there are many options available. You can find a reputable breed rescue, a reputable breeder or someone who breeds their own dogs. But there’s another option that should be avoided at all costs: backyard breeders.

Backyard breeders are people who don’t know how to properly care for their dogs and puppies. They usually don’t show their dogs in conformation shows or other dog competitions, which means they have no idea how to improve the quality of their breeding stock through selective breeding.

Some backyard breeders may have good intentions, but they’re not really responsible dog owners because they don’t have any experience with raising puppies or training adult dogs. Others simply want to make money off of an animal they don’t have time for, so they have litters without knowing how to care for them properly or even what kind of qualities they should look for in their future family pet.

In addition to knowing about the breed’s behavior, it is important to find out if the dog comes from a reputable breeder or if it is being sold by someone who does not have their dogs’ best interest in mind. A reputable breeder will have health guarantee for their puppies and will be able to provide references from other satisfied customers who have purchased puppies from them in the past.

Please DO NOT purchase a puppy from an individual who is breeding dogs without taking proper precautions such as spaying/neutering their animals and giving them vaccinations as well as socializing them so they are ready for adoption into your family when they reach adulthood. These people are called “backyard breeders” and they exist everywhere – including your own backyard!

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