How to create an identity for your YouTube channel?

Modern-day people have access to numerous options to earn money. Because of the fast-growing advancement of the internet that you can start your own business while sitting at your home. Today, people do not work only for the sake of money however, they also work for self-realization. This is why the creative realm is growing more famous. YouTube blogger is among the “professions”. In this post, you’ll find out why you require a logo for your YouTube channel, as well as how to design one.

What are the reasons you require the YouTube channel logo

The most important function of a logo is to enhance recognition. People who have seen your logo, immediately remember your channel and the person behind it. The logo, as in this instance it is a sort that of “replacement” for you and your appearance. The badge will be associated with your name along with your channels.

Furthermore by using the logo, viewers are able to access the channel and sign up and you can rapidly increase your reach.

A lot of people think that managing an YouTube channel is simple. But, in many instances it is not the truth. The owners of the most renowned channels are meticulous and focused. They are required to put in a lot of effort to maintain the attention of their viewers.

It is not the case that every channel gets popular. The reasons could be different, such as poor quality content or unrelated subjects. A logo that is not properly designed could also be due to mistakes that result in a poor outcome. In this article, you’ll learn how to make the perfect logo that can help to make your YouTube channel well-known.

Some examples of well-known Youtube channel logos

It’s difficult to find the smallest YouTube user who hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing that Vevo logo. The watermark appears on nearly all official videos by famous artists.

Vevo isn’t an artist label or YouTube channel, it’s a genuine platform. The company is comprised of the world’s largest record companies. The project was first announced in 2009.

Vevo’s Vevo logo is simple and simple to remember. This is an benefit, as due to his logo, the business is now well-known.


Three letters that are known to the entire world The three letters are the Air Force. Similar to the previous version, the logo is very concise. It is, however, difficult to find someone who isn’t familiar with this logo.

The BBC is the world’s biggest media corporation, which was founded in 1922. The BBC provides external and internal Internet broadcasting through YouTube as well as broadcasting on television and radio. Outside of the UK, BBC World News channels are accessible in different languages.

The logo you are seeing now was designed in 1997, and hasn’t changed since.

Get Movies

Get Movies is one of the most well-known YouTube channels around the globe. It was founded in the Russian company X-Media Digital.

The channel was officially created in December 2006. The channel’s focus is on children’s cartoons. In the past it was the case that sports-related videos could be uploaded on the site. At the beginning the year 2012, they released the cartoon series “Masha and the Bear” that received an impressive 82 million views.

The channel logo, as always it’s simple. However, for 2022, it’s a perfect fit. Red letters against white background instantly draws the attention. A logo like this is easily recognized by viewers.

How to create an identity for YouTube channel? YouTube channel?

It’s not difficult to design an appealing logo. However, creating a memorable logo that’s appropriate and conveys the objectives of the business while being easy to understand it is not an easy task. Additionally, it is important to consider how your viewers will perceive the logo. There are three methods to create logos You can draw it yourself, consult designers, or design it using the hands of an online designer. In this article, we’ll go over each method.

How do you design your own logo

In order to utilize this method, you must have at a minimum level of artistic ability as well as the capability to use graphics software.

Needing ideas

Look at your channels’ logos with themes that are like yours. Consider what draws you to them , and the things that repel you. Do certain elements work? Naturally, you should not blindly copy another’s style. It is crucial to consider the concept in broad terms and then present it in your own way.

An alternative is to create several sketches of the envisioned logo. Make sure to write the channel’s name using different styles and fonts. You can also incorporate icons and symbols. Make use of elements that align with the theme you’re using for your channel. However, don’t overdo the elements. Your logo for your channel should convey a message about your company, but simultaneously be easy to remember and simple.

The intended audience

A logo isn’t an image of fashion. It serves a purpose. When creating the logo, be thinking about who your target customers are, and what they are looking for in your content. The logo should create an impression that is positive about your company.

The principles and rules to create logos

A valid logo can be designed in accordance with certain guidelines.

Rule 1. Simplicity. Simple design. the logo will be easy to spot.

Rule 2. Memorability. A well-designed logo will always be loved by people. Therefore, it is essential to create something unique, make it stand out from the crowd.

Rule 3. Durability. The logo must remain efficient for a long period of period of. The watermark of your channel will be linked to you, and when you change it often enough viewers may not be able to remember it.

Rule 4. Universality. The logo must appear attractive in the format Youtube has to offer.


With sketches, you can quickly transfer ideas from your mind to paper. Once you’ve gathered enough details, you can take a pen and paper and sketch a variety of possible logos. The more options you have more options, the more appealing. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Choose a color

When selecting the color to represent your brand, it is important be thinking about which color best represents the character that your site. For instance, if your subject matter of your videos is imaginative and bright, choose the orange and yellow shades. For the channel that is scientific the more tranquil shades work. For instance grey, white or even white.

It is possible to look up the colors your competition is using. Sometimes, selecting the color that is different from your color of your primary competitor could make your company stand out from the background.

Use no at least four colors. It is best to have only two main colors. Be sure to leave plenty of white space for viewers’ eye to “rest”.

Select the font you want to use.

The primary rule to follow for the font on the Youtube channel logo is its readability. If you decide to include an initial lettering to your logo viewers should be confident enough to read the text easily. Remember that the person will see your logo in a tiny size.

Of course, the font’s design must be in line with to the overall theme for the channel. Romantic fonts aren’t suitable for a channel with a scientific theme as well as strict fonts aren’t suitable for kids.

The final steps

You will require skills in graphics software to digitalize the logo. Once you’ve selected the one that’s best for you, sketch, you can convert it to electronic format. It’s not necessary to present the logo to your friends and acquaintances and ask for their opinions.

Request a logo from an artist

Another method of getting an identity is to purchase from experts. You can work with the studio or an independent designer.

There are specialists available on specific platforms (Behance and Dribble) as well as freelance exchanges through an online search engine. You should study examples of work and review. It is also important to note how fast you receive feedback.

To ensure a great result to get the best result, give the designer an extensive technical project. It is essential to explain the message you wish to convey to the designer. Discuss the subject of your channel as well as the intended audience. Share your personal preferences in the event of there are any. You can also send the designer examples of logos you would like to see.

Make sure you draw up an agreement that clearly defines clauses and terms.

How do you create a logo with a logo maker

Making a logo using the logo maker is the easiest method. It is not necessary to shell out a large sum for design services, and in the same way you will not require any specialized knowledge to be needed.

By using this online design tool, you’ll have a wide range of top-quality designs within a short period of time. The costs for the offered logos are quite affordable.

To design a logo for the YouTube channel, you must create a logo. Youtube account, you have to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Go to the website of the designer on the web and click on the “Create Logo” button.
  2. Enter a name for the company.
  3. Choose an icon that represents the Logo.
  4. Select the colors you love.
  5. Customize your logo design.
  6. The file can be downloaded.

Maintaining an Youtube channel with high-quality and entertaining content isn’t an simple job. A professional logo can assist you in expanding your reach. Wishing you a golden button on Youtube!

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