How to Find a Quality Dog Boarding Facility

For many pet owners, one of the hardest things about going away is that you have to leave your dog behind. Most people will look to have their dog boarded.

The problem is that not all boarding kennels are created equal. Don’t worry!

In this article, we have created a checklist of items that will help you weed out the less reputable establishments and pick a quality boarding kennel that’ll be like a vacation for your four-legged friend.

  • Contact the kennel or dog sitter well in advance of your trip to schedule a visit for you and your dog.
  • If you’re looking at a commercial dog boarding kennel, find out if they are certified or members of a professional organisation. If you’re interviewing an individual, find out how long the person has been dog-sitting and how many repeat customers they’ve had. Also, check a few references.
  • Find out about immunisation requirements. Many kennels will require a Bordetella shot, along with rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. Are dogs also screened for fleas and ticks?
  • Keep an eye out for clean, secure, and sanitary conditions. There should be adequate, securely-fenced exercise areas and sleeping areas with comfortable non-slip surfaces.
  • Are you welcome to visit all areas of the kennel or home that the dog will have access to? Are they secure and free of harmful chemicals?
  • Meet the caretakers and observe how they interact with your dog. How many dogs will they care for at one time? How much exercise do the dogs get, and how often are they taken out to eliminate? What type of animal care education and training does the provider have?
  • Take stock of provisions made for the comfort of boarders. This includes fresh drinking water, temperature control, ventilation, and shelter.
  • Find out what happens if your dog has any healthcare needs or emergencies requiring medication and/or veterinary services. Determine if the pet care provider is certified in pet first-aid.
  • Evaluate the staffing situation. Is there proper staff on the premises 24 hours a day? Is there an evacuation plan in case of an emergency?
  • Observe the handling of the dogs. Is any interaction allowed with other dogs? How well is this supervised?
  • Ansede Animal Hospital

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