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How to Select a Leonberger For Your Family

The Leonberger is an excellent breed for active families. They need daily exercise and plenty of room to run around and play. This type of dog loves to spend time with people, and it’s a great companion for a family with young children. This breed also excels at search and rescue and can be a good choice for seniors. Read on to learn more about this dog’s personality and how to select a Leonberger for your family.


Leonbergers are great companions. They are gentle and easy-going, and are very good with children. However, they require a lot of attention and exercise and they are not suited for apartment life. They are easily trained to live with children, and they are good with other pets. While this breed does well in any home environment, they will need regular exercise. Their energy level is high, and they must be given ample exercise and plenty of affection.

Rambunctious and intolerant

Leonbergers are very obedient to children. Their playful personalities make them excellent family pets. However, they should be kept away from young children. Although they are very gentle, Leonbergers should never be left unsupervised. They are very rambunctious and intolerant of disputes, so you should keep an eye on them at all times. Don’t let them climb up on you or put them on your lap. Neither should they be left alone unsupervised with young children.

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