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How to Train an Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel is a unique dog breed that was originally developed in Ireland as a water retriever. Though this breed is rare, it is very suitable for active pet owners who want a companion that can keep up with them in and around water. It is also highly intelligent but also stubborn, so consistent training is essential. The following tips will help you to train your Irish Water Spaniel. Once you have learned about the temperament of the Irish Waters, you can begin training your dog immediately.

Dense and  short coat

The Irish Water Spaniel has a dense, short coat. The hair forms a V-shaped patch. The curled areas are well defined and contrast with the smooth areas on the face, throat, tail, and hind legs below the hocks. The color of the Irish Water Spaniel is solid liver. A white coat is unacceptable for show purposes, but this is not a deterrent to owning one. It is best to take care of your dog’s coat to keep it healthy.

Besides personality and trainability

The Irish Water Spaniel is very intelligent and active. While most breeds are a great choice for households with kids, the Irish is a typical sporting and people-pleasing dog. Despite this, the breed is naturally reserved and shy around strangers. Therefore, it is important to socialize your new puppy from a young age. It is best to choose a dog that has already had socialization and is accustomed to children.

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