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I Think Having an Animal in Your Life Makes You a Better Human

A pet in your life can provide emotional and physical comfort. They are able to sense your emotional state and give you extra attention when you need it. A biologist has suggested that we are naturally drawn to animals and that caring for an animal can be therapeutic. Just look at a fish, a cat, or an ant and you’ll see why. It is like a form of therapy.


Another benefit is that animals have their own clocks. They know when to eat, drink water, and go for a walk. This can help us build habits and decrease our stress. Our pets also can help us deal with our loneliness. It is very common for people to become depressed after losing a pet, but having a pet can help reduce your symptoms and improve your mood.

Better human

It has been proven that having a pet can make you a better human. Aside from reducing stress, caring for an animal has a deeply calming effect on humans. It is not unusual for a dog or cat to pick up on your mood. A sad person may cuddle with her cat, while a dog will lick his hands as a way of working through their problems.

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