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Bollywood songs have become an inseparable part of Indian culture and cinema. Creating and releasing them far in advance of the release of the film is a way of marketing and creating buzz for the movie. Film producers have begun to release audio cassettes of the music from upcoming films. A good song opens up the market and draws in the initial viewers. It can make or break the success of a film. Most Bollywood songs deal with love and other cliched emotions, but there are also romantic and communal songs, friendship and devotional songs.

The use of music is essential in Bollywood films. It is the best way to experience the nuances of the story and create a lasting impression. The genre of Bollywood music is unique and is considered a form of art in and of itself. Songs can be used to introduce characters or tell stories. The songs are often shot in a large, extravagant format to add to the glitz and glamour of the movies. The songs are an integral part of the story, and are often the most memorable and popular parts of the movie.

Bollywood songs are a rare blend of four major art forms: music, screenplay, and fiction. The films made in the Bollywood industry have become immensely popular, and the songs play a large role in the box office success of the films. Using these arts in the Bollywood productions allows for the most innovative and talented practitioners of all genres of art to collaborate in creating the songs. A well-crafted buxic song can set the tone for a movie.

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