Matt Davies Harmony Communities Explores Barking Dogs in Hotel Rooms: Tips for A Quiet Stay


According toMatt Davies Harmony Communities, a dog barking in a hotel room is a major issue since it would be seen as a bother by the other visitors. When your dog is constantly barking, the hotel owner might call on your door and order you to quiet it, but how could you keep your dog from barking?

Many dogs bark in hotel rooms since they are unfamiliar with the noises and are stressed to be in a new environment. Moreover, dogs like traveling with their owners but suffer from alterations in their habits. There are, thankfully, methods to keep a dog from barking in a hotel room. Continue reading for tips on how to enjoy a peaceful stay in a hotel room with your dog.

Tips For a Quiet Stay in Hotel Rooms with Dogs

  1. Sound Buffering– Utilize noise to drown out outside noises, including keeping the radio or television on. Utilizing a white-noise machine might also be beneficial. You may also use YouTube films that provide free white noise. Many dog owners leave the restroom fan on to assist muffle noises.
  2. Play Relaxing Music- Bring relaxing CDs produced specifically for dogs, including Through a Dog’s Ear, if possible. Today, you can also discover a plethora of music created expressly for dogs that are available for free on YouTube. This soothing music may also aid in your relaxation.
  3. Make Use of a Barrier- The nearer your dog is to the door, the more likely they feel obligated to bark. You may use furniture and bags to create a barrier to keep your dog from leaping at the entrance.
  4. Utilize A Crate- A crate is essential when you have to leave your dog alone for any length of time. It protects your dog against injury, damage to valuable items, and danger to other people if it bites.
  5. Make Use of The Do Not Disturb Signage- There’s nothing more unpleasant than having to wake up to your dog barking at the cleaners banging on the door, and hollering housework. So, remember to hang the do not disturb sign on your doorway and inform the receptionist that you don’t require cleaning service.
  6. Avoid Busy Times- When possible, prevent reserving your stay during peak periods where many people are staying in hotels, including holidays and weekends. This results in fewer sounds and fewer people complaining about your dog’s barking.
  7. Prepare Ahead of Time- If feasible, begin focusing on lowering your dog’s barking at home before your hotel stay. This is useful if your dog has been inclined to bark at home. Let friends practice strolling past your front door a few weeks before your hotel visit.
  8. Avoid Eating Out- Pack a meal from home, buy from a drive-through, request room service, or have food brought to your bedroom from a local restaurant to keep your dog company. Take turns in dining if you are occupying the same room with relatives.
  9. Take Something Comforting from Home- Bring items that feel like home and those your dog appreciates. Confirmation may be provided through your dog’s favorite toys, blanket, food bowl, and water dish. Several dogs will be soothed if you give them a garment that smells like you.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that if you intend to stay in a hotel room with your dog, you must know what to do to prevent disturbing others.

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