Nourishing Night: Who Can Eat Before Going to Bed

It’s well known: it’s harmful to eat too much at night. However, some people are recommended to eat before going to bed. Let’s find out who they are.

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Instead of a Sleeping Pill

A snack before bedtime is good for those who suffer from insomnia. A small portion of delicious food will work just as well as medication.

Working and Eating 

Secondly, eating appropriately is essential for those who work night shifts. Such people, the expert notes, have a weakened health. Nutriciologist adds that, if possible, you should give up this exhausting work schedule and live in a normal regime without gambling at or watching Netflix at 2 am.

What to Eat Before Going to Bed

The most suitable drinks for the evening are coconut milk or almond milk. A smoothie will also do.

The following foods can be included in the diet in the evening.

Nut Paste

This tasty and hearty treat will help you fall asleep quickly.

Another benefit is that nut paste helps normalize cholesterol and sugar levels. Medics have reliably confirmed resistance to the development of diseases related to the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Regular moderate use of nut paste increases immunity, normalizes the liver and intestines, and strengthens the cartilage of the joints.


It’s recommended to eat ½ of the fruit before going to bed. What’s more, one avocado has more potassium than a banana, although the latter is often cited as a major source of the substance. Studies have shown that potassium deficiency increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and kidney failure


You can also eat salmon. This fish will allow you to forget about insomnia.

Furthermore, salmon consumption reduces the risk of certain cancers: colon, prostate, and breast cancer. To prevent cancer, fish should be eaten at least once a week. It’s a fantastic alternative to animal sources of protein such as chicken or beef. This fish provides an adequate intake of protein but contains much less saturated fat, making it a perfect source of protein to maintain weight loss or body mass index to a normal range.

What Causes Insomnia

We have already talked about what to eat before going to bed. And now let’s find out what products can provoke insomnia and worsen the quality of sleep film indir mobil .

Fried Meat

You should not eat this dish in the evening: it overloads the stomach and is “deposited” on the sides in the form of ugly folds maru gujarat.


If you want a long and sweet sleep, don’t eat tomatoes at night.

In the evening you can drink tea from chamomile, melissa or hawthorn. Eating oatmeal before bedtime is also recommended, as well as tryptophan foods – bananas, seeds, and honey. Tryptophan is an amino acid responsible for the quality of sleep.

To sleep well and have a good dream, it isn’t recommended to “hang out” in the evenings in the gadgets: it’s better to read a paper book or take a bath.

Snorers are advised to drink milk with honey at night.

Improving the quality of sleep will help with regular evening walks, preferably in the park, the regime (go to bed and get up at the same time), and airing the bedroom. Remember: the room where you sleep should not be too hot. It’s also useful to give up sleeping in the daytime or going to bed before 4 pm.

Get an orthopedic mattress, so you can fall asleep quickly and keep the correct body position. It’s forbidden to eat a lot before going to bed: meals should be small.

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