Science-Backed CBD for Your Pet

If your pet is suffering from joint discomfort due to their age, or perhaps just not feeling as spry as they once did, you may have heard that CBD can help. Full-spectrum pet CBD offers many benefits, including joint support, help with stress and cognitive function, relief from itching, and more. To fully understand how effective CBD can be when treating these conditions, you should learn more about the pieces of the CBD puzzle. 

What is CBD?

We hear “CBD” mentioned everywhere. It’s available for human consumption as supplements, foods, and personal care products. Now, it’s also available for our pets. But what exactly is CBD? 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive chemical found in the cannabis plant. When ingested, this compound is one of several cannabinoids found in marijuana that bind to specific receptors within the body, offering a number of soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Each cannabinoid affects these cannabinoid receptors slightly differently, which is why CBD is so effective at relieving pain felt throughout the body without any psychological effects. In contrast, other cannabinoids like THC can also affect a person’s mental state.

What is CBDA?

CBDA is cannabidiolic acid, the substance created before CBD. Up until recently, most CBDA was processed into CBD for consumption. We now understand the benefits of this raw form of CBD. It’s possible to retain CBDA through modified processing. 

Recent studies have shown that CBDA may be more effective at reacting with the cannabinoid receptors and treating not only joint discomfort but anxiety, depression, and more. By combining CBD and CBDA, your pet can experience the best of both in a highly effective supplement.

What is Pharmacokinetics?

Pharmacologists study the effects that substances have within the body, not just human bodies but all mammals. They understand how the body processes substances, whether they are beneficial like CBD or something toxic like a pesticide, to determine what effects they will have. Through long-term and very complex studies, scientists now know much more about the scientific benefits of CBD for our pets, and they continue to analyze the positive results.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the connected cannabinoid receptors that are a large part of the central nervous system. The neurotransmitters help regulate many bodily functions, including appetite, mood, sleep, and memory. All mammals, including pets and humans, have an ECS functioning constantly within their bodies to help maintain motor control, the reproductive system, metabolism, cognitive activities, and much more. 

CBD, CBDA, other cannabinoids, and terpenes all affect the endocannabinoid system. They may suppress nerve function to relieve chronic pain or increase serotonin levels to boost mood. 

What are Terpenes?

You’ll notice terpenes first by their smell and second by their anti-inflammatory qualities. A full-spectrum product will contain many terpenes, and for a good reason. Terpenes are already very effective at what they do, and each has a unique benefit. For example, myrcene is a great anti-inflammatory, and humulene is perfect for supporting memory function. 

However, each terpene will help to strengthen the others that are present until you have what is called the entourage effect. They are greater than the sum of their parts. Science has proven that a full-spectrum CBD pet product that contains several types of terpenes will be more effective than one with only a couple or none at all. 

Types of CBD for Your Pet

Pet CBD comes in many forms, so you’re likely to find one that fits your needs. Remember that proper dosing is essential. You’ll need an accurate weight of your pet and do some quick math to figure out just how much CBD your pet needs, no matter what form you decide is best for them. 

Chewy treats are the most popular for dogs, as your pup is probably already used to receiving treats regularly. Soft gels and oil are also an option. Calm and Comfort Chews are designed specifically for anxiety relief during stressful situations like thunderstorms, car rides, or extended separations. 

For cats, an easy dose of paste that tastes like chicken liver can be just as much a supplement for their wellbeing as it is a treat. A CBD oil is also an option for your favorite feline. 

For Joint Discomfort and More

While CBD + CBDA pet supplements help with joint discomfort, they can also effectively treat stress and itching. Your senior dog or cat may feel like a young pup or kitten again with an overall wellness, helping them think and act their best. Studies show that regular, daily doses of CBD may be just as beneficial for your pet as they are for humans when treating many physical and cognitive conditions. 

ElleVet has been tested in several clinical trials and is backed by solid science as a safe and effective treatment for your pet when treating joint discomfort, itching, stress, and much more. Whether your dog or cat is experiencing decline due to age or illness, try pet CBD from ElleVet in tasty treats, soft gels, oils, or a paste and see just how impressive the results are for yourself. 

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