The Best E-learning Tools for Online Training

E learning has seen an increase since the whole coronavirus debacle and social distancing. However, many of us have little knowledge of what e-learning actually is and which tools can be best used for this purpose. In this blog, we are going to find out the best digital tools available to facilitate your e-learning journey. But first, let’s understand what e-learning is.

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Here’s a simple way to understand e-learning:

E-learning is the utilization of electronic devices to access means of education in a virtual classroom. In other words, e-learning is the completion of courses or degree online.

Other terms that refer to e-learning are learning via high-speed internet, learning delivered online, or learning from a distance. Unlike traditional learning with a physical classroom and professor teaching students in person, online learning represents computerized electronic learning with class fellow and professor present virtually. Sometimes a recorded lecture can also be part of distant online learning. However, there is always a teacher or professor available to communicate with the students and grade their assignments and performance during online lectures.

E-Learning for Organizations

With the technological revolution, it has become hard to keep traditional means of education intact. Students and teachers even are no longer confined to stick to seminars. With e-learning becoming more and more possible with the availability of internet in developed and developing countries, the traditional classroom has started to enroll online courses on their curriculums as well.

Statistics have shown that e-learning has been observed as a better tool for evaluating students’ performance. Here is how it works:

Online learning is able to collect students’ data, which later helps professors, instructor or teachers in examing their strengths and weakness.

And not only for students, but el-learning has proven great for organizations. Don’t believe us? Have a look at some of the statistics below:

In 2017, 67% of the companies in the United States offered online learning via smartphone.

E-learning has led to an increase in income for 42% of the organizations in the United States.

Another statistic showed that e-learning increases retention rates by a percentage of 25% to 60%.

A survey was even conducted having 2,500 comes as recipients to find out the impact of online training on employees. The results of the survey showed that the companies with higher “comprehensive training programs” generated higher revenue per employee and 24% higher profit margins as compared to those who did not opt for online training.

As we said above, with the whole coronavirus debacle it has become difficult for school and organization to conduct training in-person. Therefore, it is the right time to assign one training program to your students and employees to have a better performance expected from them once the thing goes back to normal.

To help you in this matter we have created a list of digital tools needful for effective online training. Here are the tools that made to our list:


Trello is a digital learning tool for project management that makes the whole process of learning via the internet a lot easier.

The tool’s method is based on Kanban Technique which makes it a clear visual order based tool that manages the production process.

The good thing about Trello is that it makes easier to coordinate with everyone, check their report, and track status in different tasks assigned to them.

The process, management tool offers methods like lists and color-coding features. With these features, relevant team members can add cards and involve themselves in specific projects to receive notifications.

Google Drive

Google drive is everyone’s favorite cloud storage tool. With different teams working in different locations across the globe, Google Drive acts as one big happy family tool to save everyone from all the hassle.

Google Drive let’s all the team members on a specific project get access to files anytime in need.

The good thing is that most of the organizations have started their work from policies and Google drive has become the most needful tool for the remote workers. The e-learning tools let them have instant access to the recent file and make sure they avoid delay and potential confusion of long email threads.

Other than this, Google drive is extremely helpful in storing educational documents and brochures.


The perfect to-do list tool that is compatible with the Google Chrome browser helps the e-learning process in becoming less of a hassle.

Here is how you can use the digital tool for your convenience: 

First, when you will install the Momentum plugin you will be asked to provide your name, location and focus task for the days. Then you can personalize your to-do list later ion.


E-learning has proven to be a beneficial pathway for effective learning without exposing yourself to the hassle of in-person lectures. However, to make things more effective in online learning it is important to have just the right tools beside you. We have mentioned the best digital tools that facilitate e-learning in out today’s blog.

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